Thursday, 21 January 2010



I finally set up my blog!!! I've been meaning to do this for quite some time now, I've just had exams and never got round to it.

Basically the purpose of this blog is:
  • for me to try to come to terms with living with hypothyroidism. I've been diagnosed for nearly two years now, but because the diagnosis was during exams, and college etc I've never really had the time to sit down and reflect on what happened and make sense of it
  • for me to share with you what it's like being me
  • this blog won't be just about hypothyroidism and "poor me" or "please feel sorry for me"... no no NO! I promise it will be riddled with humour (I will try), anecdotes, stories, and non-thyroid related jibberish
Right now, I'm pretty tired. Had a long day- that started with a THREE hour (yes that's right!) wait for a blood test!! The system is a bloody shambles I tell you! So I'm gonna hit the hay and I'll hopefully post something tomorrow.

Toodles, night xxx

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