Friday, 23 July 2010

I could really use a wish right now

On the 2nd July, the consultation between my GP, Mum and myself went a little like this:
GP: Your recent blood test showed that your TSH levels are suppressed and you have too much free T4 which has gone up to 27

Me: :O

My Mum: but she's been on 100mcg for over a year and she's fine

GP: well you have too much free T4 and you are now actually in the hyper-thyroid range

Me: :O

GP: I suggest that you decrease the dose to 75 mcg as you are getting too much. *types prescription and prints it out* 

Mum: *sigh*  - insert dialogue about low energy levels, no exercise, fatigue etc..

GP: well all of this cannot be related to her thyroid as she actually has too much T4.
(looks at me). exercise actually creates energy you know, you've got to start doing some sort of physical activity. you will feel tonnes better

Me: :O, *yawn and nod submissively and wonder what the hell Im doing there*

Mum: (will not take no for an answer) well then WHY is she feeling like this?

GP: *sigh* I really don't know (looks at the clock and the door, hinting at us to make an exit)

Mum: (turns towards me) well what do you think about all this

Me: well I'm feeling very outnumbered at the minute. (the tears start coming) none of you seem to understand or care what it's like for me. I feel like you're just messing with my thyroid and its me who has to deal with this

GP: well what do you want me to do then? refer you to the carpal tunnel clinic now? (she thought it was because I was on the wrong dose and that it would magically "disappear")

Me:  I don't know

Mum: Yes I think that's her best option

GP: *types and prints out appointment sheet* looks at me and says I'm very offended with the phrase "messing with your thyroid"- I would never ever mess with anyone's thyroid

Me: *sniff* I'm sorry if you're offended but that's exactly what it feels like!!

GP: hands me the appointment sheet

Me & Mum: say thank you & run out the door

Two weeks after being on 75mcg I feel absolutely awful. Im in some limbo swinging between hyper and hypo, I feel all hot and cold, soemtimes really hungry and sometimes loss of appetite, very dizzy, nauseaus, frequent migraines.

Return to the GP. She says I should alternate: one day 75, one day 100. And then do a blood test to assess where the levels are at. I've been doing this for a few days and I still feel awful. It's like I'm up and down, up and down. I really have no idea what to do now. Everyday is such a struggle and I can't take it, sometimes it feels like too much. I feel constantly high, my brain and body do not feel connected. It's almost narcotic. I'm so dizzy all the time but I've been there before and I don't understand what's causing it. I hope Inshallah it does get better, and I don't want Ramadhan or uni to be disrupted. About the carpal tunnel, I have a definite diagnosis. I have some nerve conduction tests soon and my Dr thinks surgery is my only option. I'm slightly apprehensive but I'm sure it will be OK. 

Need your dua's  xxx


:: CCB's Knit-Knacks :: said...

You need to buy a book called 'Understanding Thyroid Disorders' by Dr Toft from the Chemist. It states some patients do not feel well until their T4 is up to 30. It also states you should be allowed a trial of T4 with T3 if you're not well on T4 alone.

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

You're in my duas sis.
Chin up aye.

Thygirl said...

@CCB- I have never seen that book in a Chemist, and my GP/endocrine refuse to put me on a T4/T3 combination

@Smiley- thank you :))