Saturday, 17 July 2010

Old habits die hard

It's hard to suddenly switch from one direction to another, especially when the first one has been something you have worked towards for so long. I still look at my Doctors and other healthcare professionals with the same admiration, with the words "I want to be just like you one day" ringing in my ears. Imagining what Medical School would be like and which field I would train in afterwards and where I would work and how my whole family would be so proud of me.

And then I remember- I'm not going for medicine anymore. It's the only thing I've known since I was little and have been concentrating my efforts towards for the past four years. It's hard to just let go. But I know that I never really had that true longing, passion or desire to be a Doctor anyway.


CATGIRL said...

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Thygirl said...

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