Sunday, 19 September 2010


So I know what you're thinking, umm, you already know I'm hypothyroid. But a recent blood test showed my levels of TSH and T4 hormones mean my thyroid is actually under active. My last blood test showed I was over active.

So, obviously, this means another dose change. I've gone up from 75 mcg to 100 now. I know I'll feel "rough" for a while, and it'll take me a while to get used to the new dose.. it's just frustrating how I cant seem to get my levels right. And this isnt just minor adjustments, I'm wayy too underactive right now. And last time, I was wayyy too overactive. And neither felt right. Just make du'a that I get there one day, InshaAllah. Apparently, Imay never get it right, and im always going to have dose changes for the rest of my life.

"Hey thyroid!!" (looks at neck)
"Till death do us part!!! "


I realllllyyy would not wish this disease on anyone.. not even my worst enemies.. not that i have any!

umm... starting uni tomorrow InshaAllah. Ive done a year at uni already, so im not a complete "fresher" but ive changed courses and uni's, going to be studying Business Economics, inshallah. I'm realllyy not feelin it, probs cos of the dose change but I'm just not in the mood.. for some reason. I'm sure ill be fine once i get there and meet everyone etc.

Anyways, I'm off *yawn*-neeed sleeeeeeeepp! *eyelids droop* 

PS, i love this song right now :) I love his image :D plus he shouted me out on twitter. but yeah, it's a great song


Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

Aw, you are lovely. And I hope you feel better, insha'allah.

Left sciences, huh?


hijabi hippie hypo said...

Thank you :) inshaAllah.
yep, the most liberating feeling EVER! :D hehe. khair mubarak, its ok!