Thursday, 14 October 2010

Hijab hat!

Yesterday, I wore a hat under my scarf (as an underscarf), and here are some pics. Although it's a pretty awesome idea, I can't take any credit for it. Here's where I got my inspiration from. I think she looks amazing in it, MashaAllah, and I couldn't wait to try it out myself. But I wanted to wait for winter to set in first. And it's a-comin'!

Anyway, I shall stop rambling. Here are my pics: (they aren't great since it was just me posing in front of a mirror!). I'd highly recommend it, keeeps your hair/head nice & warm in winter- especially your ears!

I matched the grey hat with a grey blazer.
Im actually wearing a blue dress but it
hasn't come out properly (lighting!)


[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

oh this is a good idea!
very pretty!
bet your head was kept nice and warm!

Ashi said...

love it, i was looking at hats whilst out shopping the other day and didn't quite know how id wear one. this seems like a brill idea!