Monday, 3 January 2011

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

I've compiled a list of changes I want to make in my life, but I daren't call them "New Years' Resolutions", plus it's the third already so I doubt they would qualify. I'm going to try my best to be specific about what I want to do, how I'll do it and by when. I think goals are better written down and specified, and are better shared with others. In no particular order of importance, here they are:

1) Cook more

It's with a hint of embarrassment that I reveal this one, but I've got to be honest about it. It's a dire situation. I don't cook at all now, and as weird as it seems, last year when I lived in halls I cooked more (when I came home for weekends). I've never really had a keen interest in cooking, it might stem from the fact that, unlike most schools, mine didn't do those "home economics" or "cooking" lessons. Last year, I used to cook Salan at least once a week, and I was getting quite good at it. I wouldn't go anywhere near Roti (chappatti's) though, because I could never get the shape right etc, or they would come out too small. I will try to have more patience inshaAllah when it comes to cooking, and try not to get frustrated so easily.

But, anyway, here's what I plan to do to resolve the situation. Have a blog feature called "Tasty Tuesday" (or something along those lines) in which I cook something (anything!) and share it with you, my dear readers. I'll share pictures of how it went, and include the recipe too. That way, it will be part of my blogging routine and will hopefully encourage me to do it regularly. I shall endeavour to try all different cuisines, (i.e. not just Asian).

2) Eat more fruit, veg & salad

I'm sure this one sounds very cliched, and its probably part of almost everyone's NYR list, but for me, it is a must. Oddly enough, up until yesterday, I had not consumed a Satsuma for years, in fact I can't even remember the last time I ate one. My Mum brought me one and told me to at least give it a go, and asked how could I use satsuma shower gel but refuse to eat a satsuma? No logic at all. I moaned for a bit saying how it smelt weird and made me wretch and I hated the texture, but I gave it a go, and ate it all- I was so proud! I felt stupid that I had avoided this ok-ish fruit for so long, as it wasn't too bad! So my plan is to consume more fruit, I've started off with one or two and inshaAllah will build it up to the 5 recommended daily. They are a great substitute for sugar/chocolate cravings. I will bother to cut some up, and take some to uni with me. I will eat them as a mid-morning or afternoon snack. I will try my best to add salad (i.e. lettuce cucumber totmato) to sandwiches or any meal where possible. To do this, I will have to get up just an extra 5-10 minutes early in the morning so I have enough time to prepare a good lunch.

3) Drink Green tea (again!)

Green tea is meant to speed up your metabolism and aid with the digestion of your food. I always buy some, drink it for a day or two, and then forget about it. I need to make drinking it part of my routine! It doesn't taste bad, in fact it doesn't taste of anything. I resolve to make this part of my routine by drinking it after uni, at around 5 or 6 o clock, and if I forget, then after my evening meal.

4) Keep in touch with friends

I don't know why, but I'm terrible at keeping in touch with my friends. I have facebook but I don't really write on anyone's wall or message them enough to see how they are. I will do this from time to time, and sometimes, they just reply with generic messages and then the conversation dies. I have a weird habit of leaving people behing when I move on, as in when I change from high school to college or college to university. Neither parties make the effort, and I don't know who's to blame. I don't really use MSN much now either, and I don't call anyone at all, neither am I much of a texter- not really your average teenager. I think it's really bad, because then I'll grow up having just acquaintances, and no real friends or connections. The trouble may lie with the fact that I'm the type of person who will get along with {almost} anyone, so I have all these people I know, but no-one that knows me properly. Like anyone, I do have trust issues and I am quite a private person. Take for example the recent surgery I had on my hand, only two people (at university with me now) knew about that, no-one else. Only a handful of people know I'm hypothyroid.

Anyway, to resolve this, I shall inshaAllah make a list of people I lost contact with, or want to keep in my life. I'll call, text, e-mail, facebook or meet up with these people on a regular basis inshaAllah. I'll also invite people to my house (gosh I'm sounding like a social recluse here!) but I haven't done that in years.

5) Be tidier & more organised

I know my big sister will smile whilst reading this, as she shares a room with me. After just a week at uni, the clothes pile up, the notes pile up, waiting to be organised and filed. I always argue and say that I don't notice mess, but I think the truth is I do, I just choose to ignore it, hoping it will go away or someone (my sister) will get reallly mad and do it for me. But this rarely happens. I let it all pile up into a nice big mound, and then I get a sudden spurt to tidy it all up, so I do. And the patterns just keeps repeating itself with no way out. This shall be a weekly thing, inshaAllah I will tidy my clothes, put them away, and file notes away quickly. I will not let them pile up! I'll hoover our room when I can and generally help out with cleaning around the house- without being told by my Mum what to do. My Mum always worries what my future house will look like and how my Husband will not be impressed with my uncleanliness. May be a typical Asian thing to say, but nevertheless, she's right; I will struggle.

6) Read more Qur'an and understand its meaning

Again, this may be a generic change that all Muslims want to make, but I truly need to do this. I will set aside some time, firstly just at weekends, and then every day. I will use some websites I came across to help me understand Quranic Arabic, so that I can understand what Allah is saying to me and implement his commands into my life. The Qur'an will be one of the intercessors on the Day of Ressurection, and if I never read it, what hope do I have?

7) Try my best to do the above things, be patient and put my trust in Allah that I will succeed at them

Finally, I've got to give the above six things a real, proper go. I mustn't get frustrated easily or give up because it's not going to plan. I have to commit to do them, and pick myself up and try again if they prove too difficult.

So there you have it, my six changes, fi sabilillah.

May Allah give me the patience and time to do all of them, and to the best of my ability. Ameen.


Furree Katt said...

keeping in touch with friends is really important.
since i moved to Pakistan from UAE and have been home schooled here, i don't have any friends.
the only ones i has were in UAE, and i've neglected them by not speaking with them often. therefore, i have none. :(

Furree Katt said...

have* :P

syieranuar said...

inshaAllah sis, u will succeed with the changes :) Allah s.w.t will assist those who wants to improve themselves :)

hijabi hippie hypo said...

@Furree Katt: aww :( yes it is really important, you've given me more the reason to try my hardest to keep in touch with them

@Syieranuar: inshaAllah :) thank you

LuLu said...

Aww really nice. I too have compiled a list of things to be done this year (97 things to be exact!!). For reading the Quran and understanding it, I found that committing yourself to reading 17 ayaha everyday will have you finished in a year. I pray that we both find the motivation to see us accomplishing those aims x

Kai D. said...

I love the title of this post. :) I've always looked up to that saying.

Reveiling Yourself said...

i love the little quote thing about changing the ending, it's so cute! Love it!

totally following your blog now, keep up the good work!