Sunday, 6 March 2011

I get this writer's block, it comes as quite a shock, and now I'm stuck between a hard place and the biggest rock

First of all, sorry for being M.I.A. for so long! To be honest, my life is pretty boring and mundane, yet busy and I don't like to bore my readers with some nonsensical content, I like to give you something to think about (most of the time). Nothing exciting has happened in my world: I've just been absorbed with uni life, from having tests, to having a very busy reading week, to working out et cetera. Speaking of tests, how funny is it that the ones you worry about more you get the highest grades in? We had two tests : one micro economics, and one maths. I thought they both went ok but maths wasn't too good. And somehow, I scored 91% (yaaay!), I was and still am in shock.

I did revise a heck of a lot- particularly as during the weekend before the tests, half (two sisters & Dad) went to London for my cousin's wedding- but I couldn't go (booo!) because of said tests. I'm a little glad though.

I watched Big Momma's House (film) on Wednesday, it was funny- but less funny than I expected and a tad predictable & cliched. My chinese friend LOVED it though. But, let's face it, there is nothing better than watching a Black FBI agent dress up as a fat old lady- is there??

There hasn't been anything new to post about, but I've recently had lots of juicy ideas to blog about, so keep your eyes peeled for those. Why do all the good ideas come at once? It's strange.

I haven't posted in a while, nor have I kept up to date with my blog reading- sorry about that! I will do soon, I promise, I've missed out on a lot!

I have received both the stylish blogger and life is good award recently, by many fabulous bloggers, including Nas, Syahirah, Ayeesha MD, and Iz-sa, so thank you all. Whilst I'm really grateful to receive the awards, it's a bit of a hassle cos you have to write things about yourself and tag others. But, ah well, here goes!

Ok, so, seven things about yours truly.

  1. I always have my hair tied (at home) in a pony, and I hate letting it down. It's down right now, because I just washed it and it takes forever to dry - I have thick hair. 
  2. I like glee and have recently started watching it :) 
  3. I feel prettier with my scarf on than without. Strange
  4. I'm asthmatic and my sister often jokes that I should form a choir called "the Asthmatics' choir" 
  5. I like washing up, always have. It's my favourite chore, if you ever wondered what was
  6. I have a wipe-clean monthly calendar stuck on the wall next to my bed. It keeps me organised as I can quickly look at it and see what needs to be done 
  7. I actually like injections, blood tests and needles in general - don't ask! But I hate those blood pressure machine cuff thingies- they are SO annoying! grr
People I will pass these awards on to :

  1. Aisha from Love Always Aisha, cos I love her blog, it's full of cool pictures and graphics and I think she's pretty stylish
  2. Furree Katt- cos she's awesome and it's her birthday today! (I think you already have these awards- but hey , it's the thought that counts! ) I love the way she writes and always enjoy reading her blog.
  3. Smiley from Sparkling Smiles- cos her's was one of the first blogs I came across, which was introduced to me by my sister. Her writing style is just so captivating and entertaining
  4. Sy - cos she takes some incredibly breathtaking pictures, and I love her recent post
  5. Amel from Al Motahjiba fashion- cos she hasn't blogged in a while due to the situation in Libya, you are in my dua's. I love her posts and reading about the latest trends
  6. Louise from Small but mighty; a thyroid life- because although she doesn't post often, nor do I comment on her blog, I love her posts and her recent one stirred up so many memories
  7. And finally, to Mademoiselle M, who's french fashion blog I recently stumbled across. She's having a hijaab giveaway, so be sure to have a look!
And to you, who bothered to read this :)

**Title of the post taken from here (song)


Sy's Prints said...

Thank you for the award, that's so nice of you! Your last post really inspired me too, you write beautifully mashallah and show much strength in character. :-)
Also congrats on the 91%! Thats awesome, mashallah.
p.s. I also like injections

Nas said...

The last time I had that blood pressure testing machine thing on my arm and it started by doing it's contracting, my heart rate shot thru the room. The nurse looked at me like o_O. There must be something wrong with it.

Your awards were totally deserved :)

hijabi hippie hypo said...

@ Sy: thank you so much for your kind words :) yay I'm happy I've found someone who also likes injections!

@Nas: It actually has quite a posh name: it's called a sphygmomanometer, but I couldn't remember it for the life of me when I was writing this post! But yeah, I swear they make your BP increase at the thought of the pain! lol. Thank you.

Furree Katt said...

congratulations for the awards! :D looking forward to your upcoming posts :D
and awwwwwwwwww thank you soooo much! ♥ loads of loveee.

syieranuar said...

aww its so sweet of u putting my name there :)

Ashi said...

aww thank you my lovely! ha, me. stylish. i write this as i sit in my pyjamas and hair that looks like a bird could make a house out of :P

i shall blog on this very very soon =)

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

Congrats on the award sis and thank you so much for passing it on! :D

Snap on #7! I remember a few blood test moments when I was younger, the nurse would always tell me to look away, "Think about nice things, like flowers and chocolate," and Im like to hell with those, I wanna see the blood!
yes, im weird!

redmerah said...

hai, this is my first time here =) i like ur way of writing...waiting for ur next entry!!