Friday, 22 January 2010



I started high school and everything was fine. I got a bit of bullying for my glasses because they weren't D&G or whatever but that didn't bother me too much.

At the end of year seven was the very first time I actually noticed I was overweight.. or the F word! FAT! At the end of every year, the school made us do a sponsored walk to raise money for it. We would walk to a water park and aim to do around four laps within the park. At first, I was doing fine, I was keeping up with my friends, having a good gossip.

But, as time progressed, I couldn't keep up with my friends and I was quickly getting short of breath. I had to walk a lot slower and ended up at the back with some random girls from school! I don't think I did all four laps- I really can't remember. At the end of the day, my Dad picked me up and decided to treat me to a McDonald's for my "hard work." My Dad has this thing about treats always being food-related.

Anyways, when I went to bed I thought about the walk and why I lagged behind and couldn't keep up with my friends. It then dawned upon me that I was overweight and unfit, and I really had to do something about it. For about two months, I was exercising regularly on an exercise bike we had at home that no-one used! I lost a bit of weight but it wasn't enough for me to see the point in carrying on so I gave up.


Constructive Attitude said...

is this part of a story?

cute blog :)

hijabi hippie hypo said...

yep, it's part of my pre-diagnosis story, before I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Follow this link to read the other parts:

thanks :)