Monday, 16 August 2010

Paint me a picture

Im not sure what exactly the purpose of this post is. But I have a stack full of pics on my memory card that I want to share with you. Most of them do not correspond. But anyhow I hope you like them and I hope this post is not too confusing. The pics of the food are not to make you hungry whilst fasting.

This post is being written as I sit on the hammock in my garden. It's a beautiful sunny day here :)

This is what I can see in front of me as I type. I can just about see my netbook screen!

This is to the left of me

This is to the right of me

 I found some berries!!

This is the lovely box of goodies/prezzies I received for my 19th (on the 19th July) I use this to store all my bling :))

This is the yummyy veg/mince meat Lasagne they cooked me for my bday

this is the "millionaire shortbread" they made for me. *sighh* I am loved <3

This is a tuna & veg pasta I had a week ago <3

These are Asian type of savoury thingies with salt on them- my description doesnt do them justice but alas- they ARE yummy!

 Roses we got my Mummy for her bday

This is bunnnyyy <3 on my big sister's bed

This is THE best thing since sliced bread- really. My current shower gel. I got a small 10ml bottle given to me as a present and it was love at first sniff. I love the zesty revitalising smell of it <3
Click here to go to the Body Shop page for it. 

These are my new glasses! :) love them, Currently wearing the red ones. Part of my new look iA. Took advantage of the Vision Express 2 for 1 on the Designer range as I usually get bored of my glasses so quickly. My previous ones were a similar shaped frame, but black with butterflies on the arms.

And this is where I blog from! Just in case you thought this was some awesomely cool computer generated blog- hehe 

All of the pictures posted on this post were taken by me :) please don't steal them! x.


Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

1. I like pictures, ergo i enjoyed this post.
2. ALL of the food pix are amazing and making me salivate. And NAMAK PARE!?! Those are the best thing since sliced bread. ;)
3. Happy 19th birthday!!!!!! Gosh, I'll be 19 next year, iA. It's such an odd number--literally HAHA.

Thygirl said...

1) Yipeee! glad you liked it! you dont know how excited your comment has made me *dances*

2) YESSS! im glad someone gets it! they truly are!!

3) Thank you! haha you make me feel old!! LOL xx