Thursday, 12 August 2010

Ramdan Kareem!

Yes, I'm a tad late- but better late than never! I've a few things I want to share with you.

Ramadan Wallpapers

Courtesy of Dr Zakir Naik's facebook page

Productive Ramadan

Is from the same people as Productive Muslim dot com, and is full of great tips and advice. Clicky here to go to it now :)

Muslim Aid TV Adverts

I was sent these through their recent newsletter, and I found them to be very thought-provoking especially part 1: (please watch all three parts)

How I'm feeling about Ramadan

There is a lot of excitement going about as everyone's geared up for Ramadan. Sadly, I dont seem to be feeling much expectation. I havent blogged about this but, recently, I (don't know how) but managed to get a slipped disc of my spine and have been in a lot of pain. Most of my family told me not to fast but I really wanted to as I couldnt miss out on the experience, I do love Ramadan. But I wasnt looking forward to the not being able to take painkillers every 4 hours. I almost feel rebellious because everyone has advised me against it. I wasnt super-excited I think because I didnt want to gear myself up as usually I start off Ramadan soooo good and then I slowly get tired and stop doing as much ibadah as I did on the first fast. I'm just taking each day as it comes and doing my prayers, increasing the amount of Qur'an etc I read. My aim is to finish the Qur'an but it may not happen ( I havent ever managed this as yet). More important to me is actually understanding what I read, so I'm reading a side-by-side Arabic and English translation Qur'an. I realise it may take me longer, but Inshallah I want to benefit from reading it instead of racing on just to finish it. (I hope that made sense). Mashallah today I managed to finish the first Juz'/spara so Inshallah I hope I continue to do this everyday.

Finally, I'd like to say a massive thank you/ jazakallah to all the new followers and readers :) Im loving all your comments so keep them coming xxx


Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

Ramadan Mubarak!
I hope it gets easier for you and is as painless as possible.
Also, I'm doing the same!--reading the side-by-side Arabic and English translation Qur'an.
thanks for dropping by!

Thygirl said...

You too! Thank you :)
No problem x