Thursday, 23 September 2010

Product review: Lush Snake Oil

Product review is a new feature I'll be doing on anything I've bought, where to get it, and whether or not it's good. It literally could be anything.

This time, it's Lush's "Snake Oil" Scalp Massage Bar. By the way I have no idea why it was named that, it doesn't contain anything to do with snakes, or snake venom (imagine!). It actually contains lavengder, peppermint and tea tree oils.

Ok, so good points:

  • It really does work- as soon as you put it on you can hear your scalp do a sigh of relief. It's so soothing and stops the itching then and there
  • Is easy to use and melts in your fingertips
  • Is priced very reasonably
  • Lasts around a month (depending on whether or not my Mum/Sister steal some!)
  • Is hypothyroid friendly and there really is nothing else like it
Bad points:
  • Is really smelly- has an unpleasant strong smell to it, which is why I bought this tin to contain the smell
Overall, I'd give this product five stars and would definitely recommend it! 


Alia said...

So, is this like a shampoo alternative, or a treatment to use after shampooing? How often do you use it? Everyday? I'm just wondering because I have very thin hair, and I'm always looking for gentler products to use on it.

hijabi hippie hypo said...

I didn't expalin properly; it's a treatment for before you wash your hair so you use it 20 mins before you're going to wash your hair. I use it once a week. It's a scalp treatment, it's not for hair