Thursday, 11 November 2010

HHH update

I am currently being held at gunpoint by my sister as we speak. Only joking! What I meant was she has been urging me for a while to blog, and mehh I just haven't felt like doing it. But here goes! The following is a mish-mash of nonsenical trivial things currently occupying my life :

  • The thyroid side of life isn't so good. I suspect I still am not on the correct dose, as I just don't feel right, and I feel still very underactive. I really need a blood test Asap and inshaAllah will do soon. Please make du'a for me
  • The main reason I don't feel right is brain fog; I really would like a clear mind back, I just can't seem to think properly and clearly enough and concentrate on stuff, which brings me to my next point
  • I'm stressed about driving; I passed my theory but I've had around 2 instructors so far and my main problem is my lack of focus/concentration during lessons, and it's really frustrating. I feel as if I'm dyslexic or have a learning difficulty, but of course due to the lack of awareness of thyroid disease, I won't get the relevant report. Anyway, my theory expires in June 2011 but I'm having surgery on my left hand in December InshaAllah. So when do I pick up my driving, will I ever pass and be able to concentrate properly? arghh...
  • It's bugging me that the "Arabs" are celebrating Eid on Tuesday and the rest of us I.e. South Asian Hindo-Pak Subcontinent are celebrating it on Wednesday. Why can we not just do it on the same day??!
  • I seem to still have major confidence issues, especially talking in front of a small group of people, I get so stressed out about it and I wasn't like this last year. Maybe it's because this year our presentations are in groups, and last year they were individual. But yeah, I need to work on that. Plus when we're in tutorial and I have to speak I feel like everyone's looking at me and I get all flustered!
  • I got rejected from a HSBC summer internship :(( waaaahh! I really wanted it
  • I learnt today the extent to which I inconvenience myself so as not to inconvenience others. Ie. I go out of my way to help others so they don't suffer, but in turn I do.
  • I have two painful blisters on my feet since my trainers have pretty much fallen apart, and I need new, better quality ones. 
  • Having uber wide feet sucks big time and I have resigned myself to a life of trainers, which is tres cool but other footwear would be nice
  • All I really want to do is set up my own business and make a fortune, but I'm doubting my abilities to do that since the last time I did was pre-diagnosis
  • Either my scales are effed up or my weight really is yo-yo-ing/fluctuating
  • I love those people who dress so eccentrically and couldn't care less what people think about them
  • I seem to scare guys as they feebly ask "can I please sit next to you?" in lecture. Erm, I don't bite! Do I look like R-Pattz?!
  • I love computers since they are so simple and easy to understand, unlike humans they are so complex subhanallah
  • I took the fact that I can Alhamdulillah read and write with little trouble for granted until I watched a programme just now about dyslexia, which brough back memories of when I got tested for dyslexia last year ( I don't have it )
That is all. I'd just like to say thanks to the new followers, it makes my day seeing that number increase each time, so thanks :))) 

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Shahirah Elaiza said...

I love people who dress eccentrically too! They just seem so intriguing.

Hope you find an awesome summer internship. Have faith that Allah swt has a plan for you =)