Thursday, 4 November 2010

Roshonara Choudhry gets life sentence (min 15 years)

She had an amazing future ahead of her, was studying English and communications at King's College, London, and in her first two years had been a prize-winning student predicted to get a first. Choudhry was also a gifted linguist who was fluent in Arabic, French and her parents' mother tongue of Bengali.

The eldest of five children from a Bangladeshi heritage, Choudhry's mother was born in the UK. Her father had worked as a tailor but by the time of the attack he was unemployed and the family were reliant on benefits and help from the children.

But she threw it all away. She decided to murder MP Stephen Timms as a "punishment" for voting for the Iraq war. In the last part of 2009, she began to download "jihadist" videos from youtube, by early 2010, she dropped out of uni and in April she bought two specialist knives for the sole intent of murdering MP Stephen Timms.

She stabbed him twice in the stomach during his surgery where he was meeting his consituents. She went up to him with a big smile with her hand out (as if she was going to shake his hand) and then she stabbed him. 

The main problem with people like her is how tragically misguided they are. First and foremost, as a pacifist against the war in Iraq, how is killing your MP going to solve anything? Of course all Muslims and many non-Muslims are/were against it, but come on, what justice would killing him serve?

Secondly, killing is a major sin in Islam as the Qur'an (I can't find a quote forgive me says): "Any man who saves another man's life, it is as if he has saved the whole of humanity, and any man who kills another it is as if he has killed the whole of humanity." Only Allah has the divine right to choose who lives or dies, we don't.

*sigh* I get angered but I feel kinda sorry for people like her. I pray that she gets guided to the true right path of Islam, Ameen. And it means that people like me who carry a very large rucksack and use public transport are getting even dodgier looks.

**Just had to get that off my chest!**

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Anonymous said...

wow so true! ppl like this i feel give a bad image about islam. like you said she was such a promising student. ameen yo your dua.

ps: keep it up! lving the blog xx

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

:O im very shocked actually to learn that he is dead , i probably did hear about the death of a MP but i didnt expect someone whose face i even recognised to be the person, stephen timms even attended places like the GPU and he wasnt the only one who voted for the Iraq War, and although we disagree , how is becoming a murderer going to solve anything? ya Allah
how sad


hijabi hippie hypo said...

@Anonymous: I agree & thank you

@Hijabis ranting on tour: just to clarify he is not dead Alhamdulillah. She got life as she intended to murder him (but wasnt able to)

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

I totally understand how you feel Sister. People like Choudary ruin the reputation of Muslims and do further damage to the horrible image that we already carry. may Allah swt guide her and protect all of us inshaAllah Ameen.

Beautiful post btw. Keep it up! :)


hijabi hippie hypo said...

Ameen & Thank you A'qilah :)