Thursday, 7 April 2011

Blog Award

I wonder what "rad" actually means! Anyway, thanks to Yours Truly for giving me this award!

The rules: 
  • post a picture you took, with a caption.
So, on Saturday, April 2, it was "Blue Hijab Day" for Autism Awareness. Luckily, I have a plentiful supply of around 4 blue hijabs, so I was spoilt for choice. I was out shopping with my Mum & baby brother for ingredients for the meal we were going to cook for Mother's Day. (She never lets anything be a surprise, plus I didn't fancy the idea of lugging shopping home on the bus).

Here is my blue hijab: (I am posing slightly akwardly- I wanted to show you my new blue ring from Accessorize- c'est tres beau!)

Blue Hijab Day!

These are the people I think are worthy of the RAD award:

Bye for now! :) 


Yours Truly said...

Loveely picturee man! The ring is pretty, and blue suits you!

Thanks for sharing! =] x

Yours Truly

Furree Katt said...

aww, thank you! ♥
i love the colour of your hijab and the totally awesome blue ring.

syieranuar said...

My dear,u looks so cute in that blue hijab!and it matches with your blue ring!aww u so cute! and thanls for the award!gonna post about it soooonn!:)