Thursday, 31 March 2011

Overheard on the bus

The other, I hauled my little body to the top deck of the bus as it quickly swung away from the bus stop. It was around 5pm and the bus was really packed, so I sat next to some Asian girl. Behind me, two guys were having an interesting conversation (to say the least), and this is how it went:

Boy 1: "so how long was your longest relationship?"

Boy 2: "around a year I think... yeah it was a year."

Boy 1: *laughs* "how the HELL did you put up with her for that long?? My longest relationship was like two or three months max. Hey, did I tell you about that time that I was in a relationship with a girl for a day?? That was funny, man."

Boy 2: "Na, I don't think you told me, what happened?"

Boy 1: "Well I kissed her, yeah, and so she thought we were in a relationship. But I was like no, I ain't in a relationship with you, cos you're a rubbish kisser! Then she was gettin all upset and saying stuff like I love you and that, I'm like, whatever, we weren't even together."

Boy 2: "that is so messed up man, you are so mean."

Boy 1: "so supposing I had a girl yeah, well not a proper girl, just some thing on the side, and I said to you I would share her with you, and I brought her to you and said you can do whatever you want with her... would you? Cos I know I would, I don't mind sharing girls."

Boy 2: "that's disgusting man. No, I wouldn't touch her. I have morals, yeah, I'm nothing like you. You're crazy. You're really sick, you know."

Boy 1: "whatever, I swear you're just saying that. If I actually brought her to you you would touch her."

Boy 2: "anyway, what's going on with you these days, what you been up to?"

Boy 1: "I'm trying to be a Pimp."

Boy 2: "WTF, really? why would you wanna do that?"

Boy 1: "I just like the idea that you can get paid to get laid. All I need is some hot sexy girls, yeah, actually, they don't even have to be that hot, and when any client does the horn on his car, she has to go with him. Girls enjoy it you know, the passion. They actually like being escorts."

Boy 2: "Na, you've got it wrong. Nobody enjoys doing that, they only do it for the money cos they usually are addicted to drugs. Nobody wants to be a prostitute and sell themselves. Plus the guys that go with them are just desperate people that can't get nobody so they have to pay for sex."

Boy 1: "No, trust me, girls do like doing it. Anyway, so I'd take a cut of their money, and I'd be rollin' in the money, it'd be quite good. I just need to get some girls together. I swear I'm gonna do it."

Boy 2: *nervously laughs, isn't quite sure what to say*

Boy 1: "hey have you heard about them stories, where you get girls to come from abroad, and tell 'em that you gonna get them a work permit, so they come over here. And when they come here, you take their passports off 'em and be like right, you're working for me now, you're a prostitute. And they've got no choice. It's a good plan, innit? Hoodwink 'em!!"

Boy 2: "that's awful, man, poor girls. That's not right."

Boy 1: *gets up* "right, anways I'm off. Keep pimpin', yeah!!"

Boy 2: "whatever man, laters, yeah."

I was pretty shocked and quite frankly disgusted at that male chauvenistic pig. And, to top it all off, when he got off the bus, he was ASIAN! -and he was ugly. Whatever happened to women's rights?


Ashi said...

i hope he gets hit by a double decker bus. five times over. then we see who be pimpin'.

Shahirah Elaiza said...

I second Ashi's comment.

Sometimes guys think saying stuff like that makes them sound more MANLY. ppfft

' Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Sσrℓisค ... , said...

@ Ashi: haha!!

on a serious note, this is disgusting. someone should have reminded him of his mother and/or sister to see what he feels if they were the example subjects he spoke about.

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

I also second Ashi's comment, this is just disgusting.

Furree Katt said...

i laughed at this actually (the part where the guy said he was in a relationshop for a day), poor other boy who was listening to the wannabe pimp!

Furree Katt said...


Nas said...

Guy number 1 obviously has no clue about what he's taking about.

It's what girls want? My arse. 8-).

Somebody should cut off his balls and feed them to him. -_____-

Nuby's sister said...

remember that guy who said he had an A* in pimpology and I had no idea what it was?!

A disgusting way to make money. its like " get off your ass & get a proper job *censored bad language*

You seem to over hear a lot of things, make it a regular feature.

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