Thursday, 26 May 2011

My first day of work

Some of you may know from Twitter that I recently got a job, Alhamdulillah. I work as a sales representative for a Student Accommodation company; handing out leaflets and showing people the flats. I'm mainly doing it for the experience.

Anyway, I had my job interview on Monday, he was really impressed and said yes straight away, which was nice, and then told me to come back on Thursday to sign the contract etc. So I went today thinking I was just about to sign a piece of paper, and he told me I'd actually be working today. In my head I was thinking crap, I am so not prepared for this, it's raining and cold, but I was like yeah, sure, that's fine. I was told I'd be joined by some other girls later on. I was handed my lanyard (which is a license from the council to prove I'm allowed to distribute leaflets) given a massive wad of leaflets and off I went.

It was pouring it down, and the weather was just terrible. But, anyway, with the hope that it may improve, I forced myself to wear a smile and do my best. I was a bit apprehensive about approaching people and giving them leaflets, but as soon as I started doing it, it became easier and easier. I didn't even seem to mind that I was getting soaked. My hands were just freezing and I left my gloves at home ! :(

So I soon discovered there are six types of responses that people have when you try to hand them a leaflet:

1) The rude ones: this only happened once or twice, thankfully. The ones that either don't even acknowledge your presence and refuse to even look at you or respond, or the ones that shout "DO I LOOK LIKE I EFFIN' GO TO THIS UNI???!!" This actually did happen to me. It's a wonder I managed to stop myself from spontaneously erupting into tears.

2) The ones that say "no thanks" before you even finish your sentence. These types of people irk me, but what can I do? They don't even give you a chance to say your bit. Oh well. At least they are polite

3) The type that will smile and take a leaflet AND thank you for it. These are the best types, naturally. I do heart them. As long as there are more people doing this, then it's all ok. They respond to your questions, and acknowledge your presence. Yipee. I do love the general public who fall under this category.

4) The type that actually come up to you asking you for a leaflet! These are just awesome. There's no other word for it.

5) The type that take a leaflet off you, then realise what it's for, and then hand it you straight back. That was annoying, but at least they are saving unwanted paper. :)

6) The type that just take the damn leaflet off you to shut you up, or out of sympathy. I think more happened due to the latter. I guess I got desperate one a few occasions. The weather was horrible and I was tired.

I think that just about covers it. But yeah, it was a good experience, tiring nonetheless. It will take me a while to get used to it. I really don't mind approaching people now. I hope the other girls turn up tomorrow, inshaAllah. But I didn't mind being on my own. I really hope the weather brightens up soon too! I will be doing this from May till September and I want some sunshine- it brings out the best in people :)

**If there are any spelling or grammatical mistakes above it is because I am absolutely cream crackered from my first HARD days' work !

3 comments: said...

haha the ones that say no thanks before you get to tell them anything must be the most annoying ones :p from may to september is a long time but worth the money :P

hijabi hippie hypo said...

Lol yeah they are.

I forgot to add, there's another type :

The one's that say "I'm OK thanks", and you're thinking "I didn't ask you if you were ok or not!" loolll

Nas said...

Haha! Great.
Hopefully it goes well.
Remember you are in England and the weather at best can be described as being random. :P Be prepared.