Saturday, 14 May 2011

You look at me it's like you hit me with lightning

I haven't blogged in forever since I've been drowning in revision; apologies for neglicting you. I've been meaning to post this for a while now, but blogger was down and it took me forever to find suitable gifs. Anyway, here goes:

You will have to forgive me on how infantile and high school this all sounds, but having went to an all girls high school, an all girls college, and the year I spent on a different course at uni being so intense- I never experienced this kind of thing until now.

The first incident

It was after a long hard day of revising, at around 6pm or later I got on the bus. The bus is usually really packed at this time, so as normal, I headed to the top deck. My eyes searched for a vacant seat, and I found one. The guy on the seat behind my seat was h-o-t, with a capital H, and he watched me as I got into my seat. I didn't meant to stare, but I kept looking at him to see if he was still looking at me, and he was.

I couldn't believe that he was actually looking at little old me. This had never happened to me before. He looked Italian or Spanish, he was hawt, and he was looking I smiled to myself and thought nothing of it. Half way through the journey he started talking on his phone. I strained to listen as I tried to figure out what language he was speaking:

he was like "blah blah blah blah.......... WALLAH!" and I was like OMG, he's ARAB!! Then I was like OMG Arab perv! And then part of me was thinking I should give him my number.. but of course I didn't, and then he got off :( his hair was hot too ! And that was the end of that. I told my sister and she said it's because I am "hot hot" (her words) too.

The second incident

The next day, I was in the library again, busy revising for my exam on Wednesday. I was finding it so hard to focus, but thankfully, the library wasn't too busy and it was quite quiet. The row of four desks where I was sat was empty, then suddenly, these two Asian guys came out of nowhwere and sat on the two seats next to me. I thought nothing of it and carried on. I looked over to his table just to see what he was revising, and I think he was revising for his law exams. He wasn't writing, he was leaning over his lecture notes and reading them. I was writing, reading, and of course occasionally tweeting- during breaks. As I was tweeting, I leaned back in my chair and stretched a bit- you get so tired from sitting down for so long. He also took out his phone and starting tapping the screen.

Out of the blue, he said "I like your watch."

I was like: 

what did you say?!?!?

I was SO taken aback!

and I was thinking...WHAT?!

So I turned around to look at the guy who just said that

OMG, was this guy talking to me? What should I say? Should I even reply? If I don't, he's gonna think either I'm rude or that I can't speak English. I had to reply. I blushed, and automatically looked at my watched and held it.

I smiled "thanks!" His friend who was sat next to him leaned forward to listen.

He continued "is it a Limited watch? I got a Limited one like that for my little sister."

Even though I knew full well my watch was not Limited, I looked at it to check the brand.

I was like:

"No, it's not limited, it's Oasis."

I could feel my cheeks warming up further still. I couldn't help but think inside how random this was. A guy was talking to me! And he was sorta good-looking too- result! And he had some sort of a beard ;)

So in my head I was like:

"Oh ok, still really nice though, they're really in fashion." He said

"Yeah," I smiled and turned my attention back to my phone.

My watch looks like this by the way :

I don't know why, but this random guy making conversation with me had made me so happy inside. I had never received this kind of attention before. Then I began to think should I talk to him a bit more.. ask him what course he's doing, what year he's in et cetera- small talk..? I wanted to, but something was holding me back, so I decided against it. I just couldn't fathom how random it was- him complementing my watch!

I then tweeted this:

As you can see I was very taken aback. Then I left my stuff in the library ( I love that you can do that ) and I went to the stationary shop. I needed some serious pens that would flow well for my exam the next day, I couldn't just make do with a BIC biro. In my head I kept thinking I hope he is still there when I get back.

As I left the library and headed for the shop I couldn't help but grin, the security guard must have thought I'd gone a bit loopy. I was literally skipping outside the library, and suddenly everything seemed so nice. I was walking along thinking this (no joke:)

And I was happier still when I got to the shop. Then I thought about this quote and how true it was:

"A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment." Jane Austen
And I was thinking how true this quote was applied to the encounter that just happened. And then my feet landed back on planet Earth (about time!), and I told myself to get real- after all, all he did was complement my frigging watch! But of course that's not how the female mind interprets things. I was still just shocked, I never get this kind of attention. I don't know what shocked me more- the fact that I was shocked that this had happened or the fact that I had such low self-worth that I never expected a guy to be interested in me. I'm still trying to work that out, I think there's a fine line between self-esteem and vanity.
So, to all the guys out there, I hope this serves as an insight into what the female mind goes through just when you talk to them. I feel so embarrassed about posting this, but my sister thought it would be "funny", so please, for the sake of my sanity, girls, comment and tell me I'm not alone in this !  
Or am I just having..
Sick thoughts...?


Under Urooba's Umbrella! said...

Hahaha--you are so cute dear!
And two consecutive days in a row? Nice, nice! ;)

Oh and I can TOTALLY relate--spontaneous adulation from members of the opposite sex also make me happy and flustered! *giggles*

Nas said...

Ah this was a lovely and honest post :). I enjoyed reading it. It made me smile.

As for the 'so please, for the sake of my sanity, girls, comment and tell me I'm not alone in this' , I think the girls can help you answer that.

The GIFs were awesome!

Hope revision and exams are going well. Take care

Rahma Fateen said...

You are a lucky baby! and I bet you are cute too! ;)

Take care!

I was just making you happy :D

The Diary of a Muslim said...

Haha I went to an all girl's secondary school and college as well so I know exactly what you're talking about! Definitely can relate

Daughter said...

LOL. I love it when these kind of days happen :D jsut makes me all fluttery and happy. LOL. You're the cutest! xx

mehmudah said...

haha! honest and cute

Ashi said...

this post made me for real howling with laughter :p

ahh the affairs of the heart, i defo relate =) said...

I liked this post and I can totally relate to this, so no worries you're not alone! it's nice when such things happen I ain't gonna lie :p

First time reader and a new follower coming right up :]